Import geopoints

Import geopoints

Import and export

Importing geopoints

MouseOK   Ribbon: TopoplanImport/Export >  Import geo-points

MouseOK   Menu: GroundImport/Export >  Import Geo Points

MouseOK   Toolbar: Import/Export >  Import Geo Points

KeyboardOK Command line: NG_IMPORT_POINTS

The command is designed to import text files from XYZ and TXT formats. With help of the Survey Files Import Wizard you can configure the rules for uploading file contents.




Specifies a symbol that separates data in a text file. You can choose both predefined (semicolon, tabulation, comma, space), and specify any other.

Consider consequent separators one

Specifies a symbol used to separate the integer and fractional parts of values.

Marker of commentary line

Specifies a symbol used to comment lines. Commented lines are not considered as data during import. If there are no comments in a file, you can leave the default symbol.

Content start line

Line number, if the beginning of the file contains any service information, except for coordinates of points.

Fields data

Specifies the correspondence of text file columns to certain types of data: coordinates of a point by X, by Y and by Z, numbers, description of points.

Sample of the analysis data

Preview of text file data. The column heading displays the data type set in the Fields data section.


note: Geopoint and Point in nanoCAD are different objects. A point of coordinate geometry (Geopoint), in addition to coordinates, can also contain additional attributes and store styles of display of labels and markers. The nanoCAD point object contains only coordinates.

As a result of the command, Geopoint objects will appear in a drawing. They are automatically assigned with a marker style: Geopoint (Topoplan) and label style: Number-Label-Description (Topoplan).


Properties of geopoints:

Point name

Is determined by the number that was set during the survey (Name column of a source file).

Point number

Is assigned automatically.

Initial description

IS filled from the point code, if the survey was performed using codes (Source file description column).


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