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Paste as Raster

CAD drafting Paste as Raster 0    Ribbon: Home – Clipboard > CAD software Paste as Raster 1 Paste as Hyperlink

CAD drawing Paste as Raster 2   Menu: Edit – Paste As > As Raster

CAD drafting Paste as Raster 3 Command line: PASTEASRASTER

Command inserts raster image from clipboard to current document. Can be useful for inserting scanned drawings as backgrounds or for future editing using commands from Raster menu.

Raster image will be inserted as external reference with default name Clipboard_N, where N – order number of inserted raster image. Link will have Not Found status. On the next document save operation Save Image File dialog will be displayed. In this dialog you can specify path, raster image file name and format. If more than one raster images were inserted - Save Image File dialog will be displayed for each image.

After saving status will be changed to Loaded, and in External References dialog (menu InsertExternal references) raster image parameters will be displayed.

From this dialog it’s possible to save the raster image without saving the document. Save button will open the same Save Image File dialog.

Note: Options button in Save Image File dialog allows to specify more options for some raster formats (for detailed information see Image settings section).

Command options:

Specify insertion point:

Specify point of raster image insertion.

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