Find and Replace Text

Find and Replace Text

Find and Replace Text

MouseOK    Menu: Edit – Find and Replace …

MouseOK    Toolbar: Text –

MouseOK    Context menu of drawing  Find and Replace

KeyboardOK Hot keys: CTRL+F

KeyboardOK Command line: FIND

The Find and Replace command is used to find text in the document.

You can also start the command from the context menu:

Start the command to open the Find and Replace dialog box:



Find what:

In the Find what field, type the text to be searched for.

Replace with:

In the Replace with field, type the text that is required to replace the found lines.

Look in

Set the Look in parameter.

The following options are available:

·         In whole document

·         In current space

·         In current selection

Click the icon  to open the Quick selection dialog box.

Find options


This icon maximises/minimises the options list.

Match case:

If this is checked, the search is made to match the case of the letters.

Match whole word:

If this is checked, the search is made for whole words; that is letter combinations separated by stops or spaces.

Search in found:

This option is accessible after the line search has been made. It restricts the search range.

Use extended options:

This option is accessible when searching in the objects base. Click the icon  and in the window that appears, choose the expanded search spaces:

For guidance on the elements of the list, there is a help with more detailed explanations.

The expression is selected with a left-click. It is possible to use some regular expressions.

Multi-line text:

Switch on/off the multi-line text search mode.

When the mode is on, the Find what and the Replace with fields take the form:

Search in hidden objects

Search text in hidden objects.

Search in blocks

Search text in blocks.

Starts the search procedure.

The search result will be shown in the table:

Replaces all found fragments with the new value.

Starts the process of consecutive replacement of the found fragments.

Passes the next found fragment in the list without replacing it with the new value.

 Clear All:

Click this icon to clear the list of found text fragments.

 Group results by objects:

Click this icon to group results by objects.

 Show object:

Click this icon to show the selected text fragment in the table on the drawing or in the database of objects.

 Edit object:

Click this icon to open the Text settings dialog box to edit the found text fragment on the drawing.

note: Left-click on the headings of the table columns of the search results to sort the found text fragments:

To find and edit the text fragment on the drawing:


1.    Click the Find and Replace command in the context menu.

2.    Type the text, for example, maximum, into the Find what field.

3.    Click the button .

4.    Select the required line in the table of search results:

5.    Double click on the required line, or click the Show object  icon, or select the Show object command from context menu:

6.    As a result, there is auto-panning of the found fragment that contains the selected text on the drawing:

7.    Click the Edit object  icon or select the Edit object command from the context menu to open the Text settings dialog box:

8.    Type the required changes and click OK.

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