Tools to work with layers

Tools to work with layers

Tools to work with layers

There are set of tools for quick organization of layers in nanoCAD.

You can find the commands to work with layers on the Home ribbon tab in the Layers group:

And in the menu Format – Layer tools:

·          Create layer

·          Make Object’s layer current

·          Layer walk

·          Match layer

·          Change to current layer

·          Copy objects to new layer

·          Isolate

·          Layer off

·          Turn on all layers

·          Layer freeze

·          Thaw all layers

·          Layer lock

·          Layer unlock

·          Merge layer

·          Delete layer

·          Layer previous.

Some of these commands are on the Layers 2 toolbar:


For your convenience the following commands are placed on the Properties toolbar:

·         Create layer

·         Make Object’s Layer Current

·         Previous State of Layers

·         Layer walk

·         Isolate


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