MouseOK    Ribbon: View – Navigate >  Fly

MouseOK    Ribbon: Point clouds Navigate >  3D Fly

MouseOK    Menu: View – Walk and fly >  Fly

MouseOK    Toolbar: View toolbar –

KeyboardOK Command line: 3DFLY

Navigate 3D model in the perspective projection. You can change direction and height of moving.

Cursor color changes to green. Top left corner displays current fly settings: walk step, coordinates of camera, coordinates of target. Command line displays inquire:

Fly or [waLk/eXit]:

Walk option changes navigation to Walk mode (3DWALK command). Exit option and ESC button finish the command.

Main direction of move in 3DFLY command is forward to the target. Other available moves are relative to the forward: left, right, back, up, down.

To move, press and hold the following buttons:

Used buttons:

UP (on the main and numerical keyboard), W

Move up

LEFT (on the main and numerical keyboard), A

Move left

RIGHT (on the main and numerical keyboard), D

Move right

DOWN (on the main and numerical keyboard), S

Move down


Move up


Move down

+ (on the main and numerical keyboard)

Increase step

(on the main and numerical keyboard)

Decrease step

Maximum step value is 1, minimum – 0.0001. Step value is saved with drawing. Press two buttons at the same time. For example, UP and LEFT to move in left-up direction.

To change the height, use Up and Down moving. To move camera without target, move mouse.

note: Mouse wheel doesn’t work as zoom.


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