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nanoCAD Free is the free version of nanoCAD that comes with a set of design tools for creating 2D engineering drawings and has no time limitations. nanoCAD Free is an older version of the software.

What you get

nanoCAD, ver.5

Nanosoft is ready to support everyone taking their first steps towards using software in design projects. nanoCAD version 5 is suitable for those who cannot afford CAD software. For them, we provide this older version of the software completely free. It can be used without restriction by individuals and businesses in commercial, professional, and non-commercial settings.

Standard command set

nanoCAD Free has all the basic functions needed to create, edit, and print 2D drawings through a toolbar interface. It reads and saves files in the industry-standard DWG 2013 format, and even includes an open API for extending the program.

  • Classic user interface
  • Create and edit 2D drawings
  • Display 3D views of 3D models (No 3D model creation)
  • Precise drawing through object snaps, object tracking, and polar snaps
  • Editing with multifunctional grips
  • Placement and editing of associative dimensions
  • Managing layers, blocks, and linetypes
  • Assigning linetypes
  • Reorientation of drawings with user-defined coordinate systems
  • Placement of raster images in drawings
It’s a very old version
Full functionality, support and updates see in nanoCAD 21

What you don’t get

Limited functionality

Because nanoCAD Free is an early version of nanoCAD (v5), it does not have any the benefits and functions added to newer versions, currently at nanoCAD 21. It does not support the most recent versions of the DWG format.

  • DWG 2018 read/write
  • Dynamic input at the cursor
  • Advanced layer controls
  • Associative hatching
  • 3D solids modeling
  • Previews of undo and redo actions
  • Parametric 2D design
  • Library objects with parametric properties
  • Drawing explorer
  • Tool palettes
  • Batch plotting
  • IFC import
  • PDF underlays
  • Raster editing
  • Point cloud import/export of LAS, BIN, PTX, PTS, PCD, and XYZ files
  • Customizable user interface
  • Annual updates with subscription
  • Technical support
nanoCAD Free
nanoCAD Free is an easy-to-use CAD solution that provides users with a high performance, full-function design program with the classic toolbar interface and built-in DWG support for up to DWG 2013. nanoCAD Free includes a set of basic tools for creating 2D CAD files made to the DWG standard. nanoCAD Free includes an API that allows you to do tasks like automating routine operations and developing more complex CAD add-ons specific to your discipline. Everything is free.
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