nanoCAD Free nanoCAD v.5 free CAD software

nanoCAD Free offers a familiar interface with native DWG support. This easy-to-use free CAD software, being a legacy version 5 of the platform, is suitable for both individual and business use, covering commercial and non-profit projects. Registration and yearly license renewal are entirely free.

Discover the enhanced capabilities of nanoCAD 23

What you get with our
free CAD software

Native DWG

Native DWG

The world's most popular file format for technical documentation - DWG - is the nanoCAD Free native file format. Project created and saved as *.dwg file could be easily opened and edited in any CAD application supporting *.dwg.
*nanoCAD Free is an older version of the nanoCAD family, so it does not support the latest versions of the DWG format.
Classic User Interface

Classic User Interface

Any engineer could easily master nanoCAD Free since everything is in their right places: menu, button icons, panels, command line, and the commands themselves are easily recognizable. This makes nanoCAD Free easy to migrate to since the enterprise needs no time to retrain its engineers.
Fundamental tool set

Fundamental tool set

nanoCAD Free includes all necessary tools for creating and editing 2D/3D objects, texts, tables. Reusable blocks and references to external drawings simplify and speed up the drawing process. Advanced dimensioning features enable you to create any kind of dimension by several means.
Open API

Open API

nanoCAD Free has a traditional CAD application programming interface (API) that allows developing independent nanoCAD based applications and additional automation modules.

Comprehensive Tool Set for
2D Drawing and 3D Viewing

nanoCAD Free is the first step to automate your design process. It is free with limited functionality, but enough to support businesses and individuals in their commercial, professional and non-commercial projects. To extend the functionality you can always upgrade to nanoCAD Platform and enjoy the full tool set to lead your industry.
Over 450 commands

Over 450 commands

Access over 450 familiar commands through menus, toolbars, command line, or macros/scripts for an efficiency boost.
Sufficient 2D toolset

Sufficient 2D toolset

Use versatile 2D primitive creation/editing commands and optimized geometry tools with minimal mouse clicks.
Layers at their best

Layers at their best

Enhance your document management with layered organization for streamlined creation, editing, and visibility.
Drawings are safe

Drawings are safe

Safely open DWG files wtih Audit, Recover and Purge commands for error checks, file repairs, and size reduction, even from alternative CAD systems.
Advances document handling

Advances document handling

Customize text formatting and styles with advanced annotation tools, including a Multiline Text command and a Search & Replace feature for quick search.
Multiple types of dimensions

Multiple types of dimensions

Create linear, radial, angular, and arc dimensions, and translate graphics data into a table form. Import and export any table data to automate geometry calculations.
Blocks, Refs and Xrefs

Blocks, Refs and Xrefs

Speed up your design by creating blocks of elements, DWG references, and raster images, and set unique clipping contours for each instance.
Plotting and publishing

Plotting and publishing

Create three-dimensional geometry in model space and prepare the drawing to plot in the paper space with customizable viewports and layouts, scalable plot settings, and features like Batch Plot for multi-sheet file creation, ideal for larger-than-printer outputs.
Enhanced Coordinate System

Enhanced Coordinate System

Enjoy advanced support for Cartesian and Polar coordinates in World and User coordinate systems, with the ability to customize settings individually for each viewport.

What else is about nanoCAD Free

Quick move from Autocad

Its classic interface is efficient and intuitive with command set and UI that are familiar to users of similar CAD applications. Anyone with AutoCAD experience will feel at home using nanoCAD, right from the start.

Vast global user community

nanoCAD Free's simplicity and efficiency have enabled engineers and designers worldwide to create their own designs and collaborate seamlessly with others through interaction with alternative CAD systems, benefiting hundreds of thousands of users.

Commercial use is available

It is entirely free software with no catches, gotchas, or tricks. Once you have registered and activated it, you may use it for commercial, professional, for-profit, or non-profit purposes, as an individual or a business.

Easy upgrade to nanoCAD 23

With just a few steps, you can seamlessly transition to the latest and most powerful features, making it the perfect choice for individuals and businesses looking to take their design capabilities to the next level. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to enhanced productivity.

What you don’t get with our
free CAD software

  • DWG 2018 read/write
  • Dynamic input at the cursor
  • Advanced layer controls
  • Associative hatching
  • 3D solids modeling
  • Previews of undo and redo actions
  • Parametric 2D design
  • Library objects with parametric properties
  • Drawing explorer
  • Tool palettes
  • Batch plotting
  • IFC import
  • PDF underlays
  • Raster editing
  • Point cloud import/export of LAS, BIN, PTX, PTS, PCD, and XYZ files

All these Features meet in nanoCAD 23

See the comparison table of nanoCAD 5 Free and nanoCAD 23 and make your choice.
Free and old CAD is good for basics
How nanoCAD 23 meets the professional requirements
Maximum efficiency
Use more than 1,500 new commands released by Nanosoft over the last 8 years to carry out your best projects.
Quick start with nanoCAD 23
Navigate around the user-friendly ribbon interface with ease using Locator, dynamic input, command pop-ups and instant tips.
Work with large objects
Work with raster images, PDF underlays, point clouds, IFC data, data-reach 3D models and super large files due to improved performance.
Safe and organized data
Use autosave and backup functions to save your data; rely on external references to keep your drawings organized.
More than just a drawing tool
Customize the software up to your specific industry needs with add-on modules: Mechanica, 3D Solid Modeling, Construction, Raster and Topoplan.
Work in a collaborative environment
Open, edit, save and exchange files with other CAD software thanks to the newest *.dwg, *.dxf, *.dwt formats support.
An expert helpline and tech support
Rely on the Nanosoft support team to get a quick response to your questions, expert advice and helpful information to move on with your project.
Stay on top with annual updates
Enjoy regular updates of the software and new features every year, because we are unstoppable.
Start today with a free 30-day trial and empower yourself with the latest version of software for just $249/year to bring your projects to the next level.
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FAQ about nanoCAD Free

nanoCAD Free supports DWG file versions up to 2013 only. Please verify the version of your DWG file by following these steps:

  1. Open the DWG file with any text editor (such as Notepad).
  2. At the beginning of the file, you will find a code in the format: AC10XX, where "XX" varies and could be 32, 27, 24, 21, etc.
  3. The code "AC1032" indicates that the file is in the DWG 2018 format. To work with DWG files of this format, upgrade to the nanoCAD Platform.

If your file is version 2013 or earlier and you still encounter issues, attempt to recover the file by using nanoCAD Platform:

  1. Run nanoCAD 23, then call the RECOVER command to open the file.
  2. Unfreeze, unlock and turn on all layers.
  3. Call the RMPROXY command - Nongraphicalproxies to remove proxy objects which do not have a graphic. You can also use the XPROXY command to explode visible proxy-entities.
  4. Use the Purge command to clear waste objects. We also advice to use the PURGE command (works in the command line, without dialog) and use its different options, especially ANnotscales and sorTTable
  5. Select all, then call the Flatten command. You can do it twice, because some objects can be flattened only the second time.
  6. Use the Audit command.
  7. Use the Audit Geometry command twice: first audit z-coordinates, then hatches.
  8. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat steps 3-6 several times to fix the file.
If you're experiencing issues with drawings, such as performance problems or freezing, it's recommended to use the utilities available in the nanoCAD Platform to fix these errors.

After installation try next:

  1. Run nanoCAD 23, then call the RECOVER command to open the file.
  2. Unfreeze, unlock and turn on all layers.
  3. Call the RMPROXY command - Nongraphicalproxies to remove proxy objects which do not have a graphic. You can also use the XPROXY command to explode visible proxy-entities.
  4. Use the Purge command to clear waste objects. We also advice to use the PURGE command (works in the command line, without dialog) and use its different options, especially ANnotscales and sorTTable
  5. Select all, then call the Flatten command. You can do it twice, because some objects can be flattened only the second time.
  6. Use teh Audit command.
  7. Use the Audit Geometry command twice: first audit z-coordinates, then hatches.
  8. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat steps 3-6 several times to fix the file.
Please make sure that the serial number you are using starts with the correct prefix, which should be NC50AS. You can verify this information on your account page for nanoCAD Free.
nanoCAD Free licenses cannot be activated on multiple computers as network licensing is not available for this version. Each license permits activation on a single computer only. For network licensing options, upgrade to the nanoCAD Platform.
The nanoCAD Free (v. 5) was released before before Windows 10 in 2013. We can’t guarantee its compatibility with the Windows OS 10/11. Whenever users experience these issues, we recommend completely uninstalling nanoCAD Free (v. 5) following the instructions provided below.

  1. Uninstall program via Control Panel.
  2. Check and delete folder with NanoCAD files in: C:\Program Files\Nanosoft AS\
  3. Check and delete folder with NanoCAD files in: C:\ProgramData\Nanosoft AS\
  4. Check and delete folder with NanoCAD files in: C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Nanosoft AS\
  5. Call REGEDIT in command line and check if this brunch is clean: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Nanosoft AS
* (note that ProgramData and AppData might be hidden in Windows)

Then, install a more recent version of nanoCAD, such as the nanoCAD Platform. Start the newer version, close it, and then attempt reinstalling nanoCAD Free (v. 5). This process may resolve the compatibility issues.
This error indicates a system malfunction in the operating system (OS) that altered the current date and time to a future date. Despite the current time settings appearing correct, the presence of files and Windows events with inaccurate dates has led the OS to determine the current date based on these files, not the date shown in the taskbar.

To address this issue, there are two primary solutions:

  1. Reinstall the OS.
  2. Identify and modify the creation date of files generated during the system failure. This step may also require clearing all Windows event logs.

It's important to note that this error stems from an internal OS failure and is not related to nanoCAD. If attempts to synchronize the clock and correct file dates are unsuccessful, the problem might be with the BIOS battery; replacing it can resolve the issue.
If the suggested solutions don't fix the issue, your next steps are to either reinstall the operating system or install nanoCAD on another computer.
You can access the nanoCAD User Guide in PDF format in the following ways:

Navigate to the directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Nanosoft AS\nanoCAD en 5.0\help.
Go to the Start menu and look for the nanoCAD folder.
For more educational resources, check out the nanoCAD YouTube channel and visit the nanoCAD Learning Center.
Yes, you can use nanoCAD Free (v. 5) for commercial purposes.
nanoCAD Free (nanoCAD v.5) is available only in English.
You can also request an Italian version of nanoCAD Free from our Italian dealer Fabrizio Pieri -
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