Editing objects using ordinary grips

Editing objects using ordinary grips

Editing objects using ordinary grips

Editing commands can be applied to objects previously selected and marked with grips. Available parameters can be changed on the Properties panel. Sometimes, editing with grips without using commands from the Edit menu is the quickest and most effective method to change the shape and location of objects because actions with grips are performed with the cursor, so you do not need to use menus and toolbars.

There are two ways to edit objects using grips in nanoCAD:

·         Editing objects using ordinary grips.

·         Editing objects using multifunctional grips (for more information see the “Editing objects using multifunctional grips” section).

You can use ordinary grips to move, copy, stretch or scale objects.

The number and location of grips depends on the selected object’s type; for example, a line segment has 3 grips. Two of them located at the endpoints and one in the middle, 5 grips are displayed for circle, four of them are located in the quadrants and one in the center etc.:













attention! Grips are not displayed for objects on locked layers.

By default the “Stretch” (GRIP_STRETCH) mode is set to edit objects with grips.


To switch to the editing mode with ordinary grips, click on any grip after an object is selected. The selected grip becomes active and changes its color to red. This grip is used to perform editing operations and is called the base. According to grip selected as the base, the object can be stretched or moved, by moving the cursor (for example, if a middle grip of object is selected, the object is moved, if any of end grips of object is selected, the object is stretched). The selected base grip is snapped to the cursor’s crosshair and moved with it until you click to specify a new grip position.

Any grip in the drawing can be specified as the base if you select the Base option in the command line after the base point is selected:

Specify stretch point or [Base/Copy/Undo/eXit]:

Options available in the command line for editing with grips:


Specify a point as the base.


Switch to copying mode.


Cancels the last operation.


Exits from the editing with grips mode. The display mode of the selected objects is not cancelled.

You can make several grips of object active if the SHIFT button is pressed during grips selection. Shape of object between active (selected) grips does not change. Editing mode is switched on after one of these grips is selected as the base (select it without SHIFT button).

When several objects are selected, shape and position of objects with no active grips do not change.

To stretch several objects using grips:


1.    Select objects.

2.    With the SHIFT button pressed select the required grips on the objects (highlighted with red).

3.    Release the SHIFT button.

4.    Select a base grip.

5.    Specify a new position of base point.

Besides the ”Stretch” mode, there are additional modes to work with grips: “Movement” (GRIP_MOVE), “Rotation” (GRIP_ROTATE), “Scale” (GRIP_SCALE) and “Mirror” (GRIP_MIRROR). You have to press the ENTER button or the spacebar for round robin of additional modes.

In “Rotation” and “Scale” modes there is a Reference option in the command line prompt:

Specify scale factor or [Base point/Copy/Undo/Reference/eXit]:

Specify rotation angle or [Base point/Copy/Undo/Reference/eXit]:

The option allows specifying a reference angle when rotating or referencing segment when scaling.

To edit several objects using grips:


1.    Select objects.

2.    Select a base grip.

3.    You have to press the ENTER button or the spacebar for round robin of additional modes (movement, rotation, scale, mirror, stretching).

4.    Move the cursor to dynamically display changes of the object.

5.    Click to finish changes.

You can change grips in the Grips section of the Options dialog (Tools menu– Options):

The Grip max objects count limits a number of objects with displayed grips. It is required to increase productivity, because it takes a lot of time to select objects in drawings with a great number of objects with a great number of grips (hatches, polylines). Default value is 100 (a value is stored in a system variable - GRIPOBJLIMIT).

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