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Ways to Edit Objects

You can edit objects (change their properties) in different ways:

·         Editing with the Styles toolbar; when a text or dimension style for the selected objects is changed.

·         Using the Main toolbar; when a layer, color, type or lineweight for the selected objects are changed.

·         Using the Properties bar (for more information see the “Properties bar” section).

·         Editing of text objects (search and replace) using the Find and Replace (for more information see the “Find and replace text” section).

·         Using the Copy object properties command.

·         Using the Windows clipboard.

·         Editing withgrips; the selected objects are highlighted (object lines become dotted) and marked with special markers, small blue rectangles, placed at the characteristic points of the objects. The markers of grips can be triangles, circles, rhombs etc. The color of markers can be light blue or green.

·         Editing using editing commands; the editing command starts (for example, Copy from the Edit menu) and objects are selected. For many commands you can first select objects and then start the editing command.

·         Editing by double clicking on an object and an editing command relevant to the object’s type starts. It can be the Properties bar, if it was closed. The editing command can open a dialog box to edit the object’s properties (dimensions, notes, tables etc.) or offer to edit in the command line (for example, polylines and splines).

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