3D Array

3D Array

3D Array

MouseOK    Ribbon: Draw - Modify >  3D Array

MouseOK    Menu: Modify –  3D Array

KeyboardOK Command line: 3DARRAY

Create copies of selected objects arranged in a rectangular or polar array.

Rectangular 3D array


Rectangular Array

Choose Rectangular Array mode.


Specify number of rows.


Specify number of columns.


Specify number of levels.

Offset distance and directions

Row offset:

Specify offset distance for rows.

Column offset:

Specify offset distance for columns.

Level offset:

Specify offset distance for levels.

Measure buttons:

Measure distance on screen.

Specify rows offset.

Specify columns offset.

Specify both offsets.

Specify rotation angle.

Polar 3D Array


The More button shows additional options for Offset distance and direction:



Polar Array

Choose Polar Array mode.

Center point : X: Y: Z

Array center point X, Y and Z coordinates.

Axis point: X: Y: Z

Second axis point X, Y and Z coordinates.

Select point on screen.

Method and values


Select the method to create Polar array:

·         Total number of items and Angle to Fill

·         Total number of items and Angle between items 

·         Angle to fill and Angle between items

Total number of items:

Specify the number of arrayed items, including the original.

Angle to fill:

Specifies the angle between the first and last item in the array. A negative number produces a clockwise array rotation.

Specify the angle on screen.

Angle between items:

Specifies the angle between items in the array.

Specify the angle on screen.

Rotate items as copied

Controls whether items are rotated as they are arrayed.


Show/hide additional options.

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