MouseOK   nanoCAD button -  Export

MouseOK   Ribbon: OutputExport > Export

MouseOK   Menu: File –  Export…

KeyboardOK Command line: EXPORT

A nanoCAD document can be exported to AutoCAD format (*.dwg) and data exchange format (*.dxf). Either the entire document or a part of it can be exported.

nanoCAD document data can be exported to:

·         document format AutoCAD (*.dwg);

·         file format for exchange of graphical information (*.dxf);

·         3D PDF (*.pdf) format to visualize 3D models in Acrobat Reader;

·         DWF (*.dwf, *.dwfx) format for exchange of large volumes of data of 2D and 3D design, reading, printing and reviewing;

·         STL (*.stl) layout format used for stereolithography.

You can export both the entire document content or only selected data.

When using С3D graphics engine, the following 3D are also available for export:




Parasolid (*.x_t; *.x_b)


Text and binary file formats of Parasolid geometric kernel. They are used by such CAD-systems as NX, Solid Edge, SolidWorks.

IGES (*.igs; *.iges)


Digital Representation for Communication of Product Definition Data — 2D/3D vector graphics format; is used to transfer 2D and 3D data of drawings between dissimilar CAD systems.

STEP (*.step; *.stp)

203, 214

Standard for Exchange of Product model data — a set of ISO 10303 standards used in CAD, which allows describing the entire lifecycle of a product, including manufacturing technology and products quality control. It is gradually replacing IGES standard due to its wider information storage capabilities.

ACIS (*.sat)


Format to exchange data between 3D modeling systems using ACIS core.

VRML (*.wrl)


File format for describing interactive 3D objects and virtual worlds. VRML is designed for use in Internet and is the standard of 3D graphics in the Network.

JT (*.jt)


An open format for describing 3D data used for visualization, shared work and data exchange in CAD.

COLLADA (*.dae)


A universal 3D format that supports any type of data (splines, geometry, light, materials, animation, etc.).

C3D (*.c3d)


An extended storage format for the geometric model that supports reading individual model objects from a file in an arbitrary order and allows you to obtain information about the model structure and its objects without loading the entire model from the file.

Unlike the Save as command, the Export command allows you to save the edited document with a new name without closing it.

Export of All Data

In the Save Document File dialog box:


1.    Specify the path for the exported file in the Folder drop-down list.

2.    Type a name in the File name field.

3.    Select a format in the File type field.

4.    Select the Save button.

Export of Selected Data

The export procedure for selected data is the same as the export procedure for all the data, except that the Selection Only checkbox is selected in the Save Document File dialog box:

attention! If no objects were selected before saving, the Selection Only checkbox is unavailable.

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