Flat Texture Overlay

Flat Texture Overlay

Texturing and Calculation

Flat Texture Overlay

MouseOK   Ribbon: TopoplanTexturing and Calculation>  Flat Texture Overlay текстуры

MouseOK   Menu: GroundTextures >  Flat Texture Overlay

MouseOK   Toolbar: Textures and calculations >  Flat Texture Overlay

KeyboardOK Command line: NG_ORTHO_TEXTURE

Using this command, you can create a textured surface if the drawing contains a point cloud with the can Color attribute (its display should be enabled) and a surface created from this point cloud. The command allows you to create a photorealistic image of the earth model.


After running the command, specify the Submesh object in the drawing.


The command options are specified on the Properties toolbar.


Texture size

Set in pixels.


Possible formats are BMP, JPG, PNG, TIFF.

From the ground

Yes – the color of cloud’s point will be projected onto the surface, as if looking from the ground. If No is selected, the color will be projected as if looking from above


Command prompts:

Apply changes? <Yes> or [Yes/No]:

Yes – the texture overlay will be performed with the current settings.

No – if the settings have been changed, they are not saved. The texture overlay will be performed with the settings that were displayed immediately after running the command.


Mesh before the texture overlay

Mesh after the texture overlay


After removing the point cloud from the drawing, the surface preserves the texture:


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