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Drawing Properties

Edit general information, keywords, custom properties of the drawing.

CAD drafting Drawing Properties 0    nanoCAD button – Utilities CAD software Drawing Properties 1 DWG Properties

CAD drawing Drawing Properties 2    Menu: File – CAD drafting Drawing Properties 3 Drawing properties

CAD software Drawing Properties 4    Document tab context menu: CAD drawing Drawing Properties 5 Drawing properties

CAD drafting Drawing Properties 6 Command line: DWGPROPS

The command allows you to obtain information about the drawing and enter identification data.

The dialog box called by the command displays general information about the drawing: name, size, creation date, modification date and other properties:

CAD software Drawing Properties 7

General tab shows file name, location, size, creation, modification and access date and time.

CAD drawing Drawing Properties 8

The General tab displays the following parameters: file name, type; location, size, time the file was created, modified and last opened.

The Attributes section shows file attributes set at the systemic level:

·         Read only – the file is protected from rereading;

·         Archive – the file is subject to archiving (used when selecting files for backup);

·         Hidden – not shown in lists and can be opened only by entering the name directly.

·         System – the file is a system one.

On the Document tab you can enter the information about the following parameters:

In the Summary tab:


Document Title.


Document subject


Document author.


Keywords for search.



Hyperlink base

Hyperlink base for all relative hyperlink in drawing.

Statistics tab

The Statistics tab displays the drawing data: time it was created and modified, information about modification author, revision number and total editing time.

The Custom tab sets additional properties of the current drawing. The properties set on this tab can be used when inserting fields. They are displayed in the Field dialog box (Custom properties List of the Add custom property section).


CAD drafting Drawing Properties 9

To create new custom property:


1.    Press Add button.

2.    Enter Custom property name.

3.    Enter property Value.

4.    Press OK.

The name and the value are displayed in the Custom properties list.

To remove property – select it and press Delete button.

NOTE: If the removed custom property is used in any of the fields, when the fields are updated, that field will display the latest value.


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