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Dimensions Editing

The Edit dimension dialog box (if Yes is chosen for the Dimensions option of the Settings nanoCAD Int dialog box on the Main options tab of the Editing - By double-click section (the Tools menu –Advanced Settings)) can be opened:

·         by double-clicking on the dimension,

·         by right button clicking with CTRL pressed on the dimension,

·         by moving the cursor over the dimension and clicking the right button,

The edit and fedit commands allow you to open the Edit dimension dialog box, it does not matter whether Yes is set or not.

You can also open the Edit dimension dialog box:

·         by placing the cursor over the dimension and selecting Edit in the tooltip:

CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 0

Note: To invoke the dialog this way you should choose Yes for the Show tooltips option (the nanoCAD – Options dialog box – the Main option tab – the Tooltips section):

CAD software Dimensions Editing 1

·         Select dimension, press the right button and select the Edit command in the context menu.

The Edit dimension dialog box:

CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 2 

The structure of the input fields for the dimension text:

CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 3


Dimension type:

In this section the dimension type (for example, Linear dimension, Diameter dimension, Angular dimension etc.) and values of the dimension text are displayed.


The prefix consists of the text input field and the Symbol button.

If the dimension does not have a special symbol that is set as the default prefix, the button is displayed without an image: CAD software Dimensions Editing 4. Click the icon to open the panel to select a symbol:

CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 5

If a special symbol from the panel is set by default, it appears on the button:

CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 6

A prefix specified in the Edit dimension dialog box has precedence over a prefix set by default.

Example of dimension text with a prefix consisting of the text and special symbol:

CAD software Dimensions Editing 7

Nominal value:

Field to display and edit the nominal value of the dimension text.


This field displays the suffix of the dimension text set by default, such as the chamfer angle designation:

CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 8

In the same field, you can set the value of a custom symmetrical fit of the dimension:

CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 9

Fit designation:

The fields display the specified fit values of the dimension.

Depending on the way the fits are written (the Fit view button), the values in the fields can be displayed in different ways:

CAD software Dimensions Editing 10


CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 11


CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 12


The input field for a note for the dimension is used to create the hyperlink to the item that contains the technical conditions that define the general requirements for several dimensions. For example, in this field you can type the star symbol (*) to denote the reference dimension (having the corresponding item in the technical conditions).

The second line of the dimension text:

An example displaying the dimension text consisting of two lines:

CAD software Dimensions Editing 13


CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 14 CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 15

These buttons are used to change the arrow type.

Click to open the panel and select the required arrow type:

CAD software Dimensions Editing 16

CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 17 CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 18 CAD software Dimensions Editing 19

These buttons are used to turn on/off the modes for placing text in the Square, Round or Pointed brackets.

CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 20

This button is used to turn on/off the mode for placing the text on the leader.


                          Mode is on    Mode is off

CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 21   CAD software Dimensions Editing 22

CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 23

This button is used to turn on/off the mode for placing the text in a rectangle.

CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 24

Use this button to choose the method of writing the fit.

Click to open the following panel:

CAD software Dimensions Editing 25

CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 26

Opens the Fits dialog box.

CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 27

Opens the Calculator.

CAD software Dimensions Editing 28

This button opens the Text settings dialog box to change the style, height and color of the dimension text.

CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 29

The Match Properties button temporarily closes the Edit dimension dialog box to select the dimension whose properties should be copied to the editable dimension.

The Text Settings dialog box:

CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 30


Text style

The drop-down list to select the text style.


The drop-down list to select the text color.


The drop-down list to select the height of the symbols.

It is possible to type the values from the keyboard.

Please note that context menus, which include the following commands, are available in the input fields of the dimension text:

CAD software Dimensions Editing 31

These commands are used to collect inputted information and insert it into the input fields if necessary.

CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 32

The functions of the first three commands of this section are as their names suggest.

The Pick from drawing command temporarily closes the Edit dimension dialog box and opens the Value picker dialog box to get different objects properties from the drawing. You can then insert them into the Edit dimension dialog box.

The Symbols command allows you to insert various symbols into the input fields, including characters from the Windows table:

CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 33

CAD software Dimensions Editing 34

The commands from this section allow you to perform operations using the clipboard.

CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 35

Sets the precision of the nominal dimension.

To set the dimension fit:


1.    Click the button CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 36.

2.    In the panel that appears, select the method of writing  the tolerances:

CAD software Dimensions Editing 37

3.    Click the button CAD drawing Dimensions Editing 38.

4.    In the opened Fits dialog box, select the required values:

CAD drafting Dimensions Editing 39


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