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Show Boundary

This option shows a set of raster images, blocks or external references in the enclosed area. (see “Set show boundary for a viewport” section).

The show boundary defines the visibility of objects in the current document. The original objects are not changed.

Setting of the clip boundary is achieved using the clipping contour.

Clipped blocks or external references, raster images and viewports can be edited as well as unclipped ones.

Tools to work with boundaries are located:

on the Insert ribbon tab in the Reference section:

CAD drafting Show Boundary 0

and in the menu: Modify – Clip:

CAD software Show Boundary 1


Show Clip

CAD drawing Show Boundary 2   Ribbon: Insert – Reference – Show Clip

CAD drafting Show Boundary 3    Menu: Modify – Clip

CAD software Show Boundary 4

Show Clip ON

Displays the clipped insertion fragment.

CAD drawing Show Boundary 5

Show Clip OFF

Displays a full insertion.

Show Clipping Borders

The form and size of clip contour can be changed using grips located in the contour vertices.

Commands to manage the display of clip borders:

CAD drafting Show Boundary 6   Ribbon: Insert – Reference – Borders >

CAD software Show Boundary 7

Show but not Print Borders

CAD drawing Show Boundary 8

Show and Print Borders

CAD drafting Show Boundary 9

Hide Contours


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