Tuning program parameters

Tuning program parameters

Tuning program parameters

MouseOK   nanoCAD Button:  Options

MouseOK   Ribbon: Manage Customization  Options

MouseOK   Menu: Tools –  Options

KeyboardOK Hotkeys: CTRL+9

KeyboardOK Command line: OPTIONS, PREF

You can launch the command from the context (right-button) menu of the command line:

Tuning program parameters is performed in the Options dialog box:


There is a tree of options, grouped by sections, in the left part of the dialog box.

To see the parameters of the group, click twice on the name of the section or select the  icon to the left of the section name. If you click the  icon, the section (subsection) will be closed.

The Add, Modify and Delete buttons of the Action section become available; this means that the selected parameter from the tree can be edited.

Add new option to the selected subfolder.

Modify the selected option.

Delete the selected option.

Move the selected option up.

Move the selected option down.

Apply changes without closing dialog.


To change a value of a parameter:

·         Select/deselect the checkbox to the left of the parameter


·         Click twice on the parameter


·         Select the parameter and select the Modify button.




The section of graphic cursor setting.


Crosshair size<5%>

Sets the size of the crosshair as a percentage of the display size.


The pickbox size.

PickBox size <4>

pickbox size in pixels.

3D style colors

3D color style for the crosshair and pickbox.

Cursor color

Cursor color.


Show Object and Snap Tooltips

Switches object tooltips on/off.


* Select

Parameters of frames to select objects.


Color frame

Color frame.

Color fence

Color fence.

Transparency <70>

Transparency of frame and fence.

Object limits for Inspector palette <25000>

Limit the number of objects that can be changed at one time in the Properties functional bar. Value can be changed from 0 to 32767. 0 – switch of the limit edited objects, but this can decrease performance in large drawings. The limit doesn’t affect to General section in Properties functional bar).

Window selection method

Defines the method of objects selection in a drawing.

Click and Click

Specify two points of selection fence or frame by two clicks.


Press and drag

Press left mouse button and drag the cursor to stretch selection frame. Then release the mouse button.


Both – Automatic detection

the method is chosen automatically by the program.

Lasso selection

Enable/Disable the lasso selection method.

Keep pre-selection after modification

On/Off keep pre-selection after modify commands: Move, Rotate and Scale.

Selection preview

Selections preview settings.

Selection preview max objects count <100>

Max count of selected objects in preview.


Object highlighting

Objects highlight style.

Selected objects

How to highlight objects in selection set.

Line highlight style

How to highlight edges and linear parts of objects.

Object highlighting the dotted lines

Use dotted lines to highlight lines.

Color and transparency

Highlight lines using color and transparency.

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