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Report Creation

Reports are used to arrange information about objects in the drawing.

To create a report, select Insert Report section from the Section menu in the table editor.

CAD drafting Report Creation 0

A report consists of two sections: Report template and Report.

The report template defines how the content is displayed in the report and can contain one or several lines. A copy of the template rows is created for every object. Formulas are calculated according to the properties of the selected objects.

CAD software Report Creation 1

The report template contains the variables of the selected objects; the values of the template variables are displayed in the report.

Using the Select source objects CAD drawing Report Creation 2 tool you can select inserted objects according to the required conditions.

CAD drafting Report Creation 3

In the Grouping and merging CAD software Report Creation 4 dialog box you can specify the settings for grouping and merging table cells.

Report template menu:

·         Report header adds a report header row to the beginning of the report;

·         Report footer adds a report summary row to the end of the report;

CAD drawing Report Creation 5

Context menu of the Report summary cells:

CAD drafting Report Creation 6

The action applied to the column fragment in one section.

Vertical grouping

A report template can contain several lines. Cells with identical values can be merged. From the right-button menu select Insert row or Add row.

CAD software Report Creation 7


CAD drawing Report Creation 8

When adding a row, it is added after the selected row, but when inserting a row, it is added before selected row.

CAD drafting Report Creation 9

Setting variables for rows. Select A4 and A5 cells and from the right-button menu select Group.

CAD software Report Creation 10

The selected cells will be grouped. The table will be displayed as follows:

CAD drawing Report Creation 11

There are cells in the report highlighted with special colors.

CAD drafting Report Creation 12

If you edit such cells, changes are applied to the object to which they belong.

CAD software Report Creation 13

Create a table and report template.

Add the parameters: =Object.Name and =Object.L.

CAD drawing Report Creation 14

Enter a new length, for example 120.

CAD drafting Report Creation 15

The bolt’s length is changed.

CAD software Report Creation 16

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