Working with Documents

Working with Documents

nanoCAD allows documents to be saved with *.dwg (drawing format), *.dwt (template format) and *.dxf (graphic data exchange format) extensions. There is support of file formats created in the following AutoCAD versions:

·         AutoCAD 2018-2019/LT2018-2019

·         AutoCAD 2013-2017/LT2013-2017

·         AutoCAD 2010-2012/LT2010-2012

·         AutoCAD 2007-2009/LT2007-2009

·         AutoCAD 2004-2006/LT2004-2006

·         AutoCAD 2000-2002/LT2000-2002

·         AutoCAD R14/LT98/ LT97

·         AutoCAD R13/LT95

·         AutoCAD R11

·         In the nanoCAD button menu and on the Quick access toolbar:


Commands to work with documents are in the File menu:

and on the Main toolbar:


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