Automatic vectorization (Raster to vectors)

Automatic vectorization (Raster to vectors)

Automatic vectorization (Raster to vectors)

MouseOK    Ribbon: Raster Conversion>  Raster to Vectors

MouseOK    Menu: RasterConvert>  Raster to vectors

KeyboardOK Command line: R2VCONVERTOR

   This functionality is available only in the Raster module

As a result of automatic vectorization, vector objects are generated that approximate the raster image.

Vectorization can work on a raster selection set or on a group of images. If you have created a raster selection set and started vectorization, it will start to run on this set.

If there is no raster selection, and several images are inserted into the current drawing and they are available (visible and located on unlocked layers), then when performing vectorization, you need to select a group of raster images.

Vectorization also works on images that have a display border. Using this property, you can limit the vectorization area on any image by setting a cropping border for it.

Vector object thicknesses can be rounded to predefined values. Vector objects that correspond to raster lines of different thickness can be placed on different layers or assigned different colors.

The order of vectorization:


1.    configure vectorization parameters (R2V Conversion Options);

2.    select images to be converted;

3.    start the automatic vectorization.

Vector objects appear объекты появятся поверх исходного растра.

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