Status Bar

Status Bar

Status Bar

There are interface elements in the status bar:

Current coordinates of the cursor:

Display modes:

·         dynamic display of cursor absolute coordinates when the cursor is moving,

·         display of relative distance (distance<angle) when the cursor is moving. Switching to the relative distance mode is made automatically when specifying two or more points is required.

Buttons to switch on/off modes:

Snap to grid(F9).

Show grid (F7, Ctrl+G).

Object snap (F3).

Object tracking (F11).

Polar tracking (F10).

Ortho mode (F8).

Dynamic input (F12).

Show Linewidth.

Show Hatch.

Displays hatches, shape fills, and wide polylines. If the Show Hatch mode is turned off, then wide polylines, filled polygons, gradient fills and hatches are displayed as outlines, that increases the screen rendering speed.

Buttons to manage the drawing area:

Multi-function button to switch between model space and paper space:

·         when working in model space, switches to the space of the last active layout.

·         when working in paper space, switches to model space of the viewport.


Button to lock the scale of the selected viewport in paper space.

Viewport lock is used to keep the previously set viewport scale unchanged (so that zooming inside the viewport does not affect the viewport scale).

The button can be in four states:

·          No viewports selected.

·          The scale of the selected viewport is available for changing (unlocked).

·          The scale of the selected viewport is not available for change (locked).

·          Several viewports with different locking parameters are selected in paper space.

Sets the scale for the selected viewport in paper space. Not available when the viewport is locked .

Button to control the preview state of drawing objects in a selection set.


Controls visibility of objects by isolating or hiding a selection set.

Dynamic UCS.

Enable|disable selection for objects on locked layers.

Button to set symbol scale and measurement scale of an objects.

CAD standards: configuring standards, checking drawings for standards violations, notification of standards violation.



Zoom All.

Zoom Window.

3D Orbit.

Button to start drawing regeneration.


Button to lock/unlock interface elements to prevent accidental movement:

·         Docked toolbars;

·         Floating toolbars;

·         Docked windows;

·         Floating windows;

·         All locked;

·         All unlocked.

For temporary unlocking – press and hold the Ctrl key.

Button to indicate the presence of external reference in a drawing.

When rolling over the button, a pop-up window appears on the absence or presence of external references.

The button’s context menu contains the commands:

            External references – displays the dialogue box;

            Refresh external references.

Button to switch on/off full screen mode.

To switch the status bar on/off, use the Status bar command from the View menu.

Managing Elements of the Status Bar

Use the Status Bar Configuration menu to set elements of the Status bar:


To open the context menu:


1.    Right button click on the Status bar.

2.    Select/deselect the required elements in the context menu.


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