Editing a polyline

Editing a polyline

Editing a polyline

MouseOK    Ribbon: Home, Draw - Modify >  Edit Polylines

MouseOK   Menu: Modify – Object>  Polyline

MouseOK   Toolbar: Modify object –

KeyboardOK Command line: PE, PEDIT

Double clicking on a polyline starts the editing mode.

Using the Polyline command you can edit polylines and also convert elementary objects, consisting of arcs and lines, into polylines.

Command options:


Opens the additional options to select objects.


Selection of several objects mode.


Closes (draws a segment from start to end vertex) a polyline.


Opens a polyline (deletes a segment from start to end vertex).

Edit vertex

Switches to the editing of vertexes mode (edited vertex is marked with «Х» label).

The option starts the following prompt in the command line:

Enter a vertex editing option [Next/Previous/Break/Insert/Move/Regen/Straighten/ Tangent/Width/Exit/] <N>

Next - Goes to the next vertex.

Previous- Goes to the previous vertex.

Break- Breaks a polyline at the selected vertex.

Insert- Adds a vertex in the specified place.

Move- Changes the position of the selected vertex.

Regen- Regenerates a polyline.

Straighten- Changes a line segment to an arc segment.

Tangent- Specifies the direction of the tangent in the selected vertex for further polyline fitting.

Width- Specifies the first and second width of the segment, going after the selected vertex.

Exit- Closes the editing of vertexes mode.


Joins segments, arcs and polylines into one object – polyline.

The option starts the following prompt in the command line:

Select polyline or  [?/End]:


End- Closes selection of objects.


Specifies a new width for all polylines.


Fits the polyline with arcs between polyline vertexes.


Transforms a polyline into a spline which is an approximation of the source polyline between the start and end vertexes and is very similar to the source polyline.


Returns a polyline to its original condition, cancels the results of the Fit or Spline commands.

Ltype gen

Specifies a mode of the specified line type generation.

The option starts the following prompt in the command line:

Enter polyline linetype generator option [ON/OFF/] <Off>:

If Off option is selected, generation of line type starts from dash and end dash in very vertex.


Changes the order of vertices to the opposite.

The option is used to reverse the direction of objects that use linetypes with included text. For example, in accordance with the direction in which polyline was created, text for this linetype can be displayed inverted.


Cancels the last action of polyline editing.

Command prompts:

Select polyline or [?/Multiple]:

Select Multiple.

Select polyline or [?/Multiple]:

Select objects.

Do you want to turn it into one? [Yes/No] <Y>:

Press Enter or select No.

Enter an option [Close/Edit vertex/Join/Width/Fit/ Spline/Decurve/Ltype gen/Undo]:


Select the required option. Press Enter to finish the command.

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