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Offset Dimension

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CAD drafting Offset Dimension 6  Command line: dimoffset

The command allows you to construct a dimension similar to the outline of the selected object. Offset dimension is indicated by an arc over the value.

To set an angular offset dimension:


 Run the Offset Dimension command.

 Specify the object from which the dimension will be created. The selected object can be: segment, arc, spline, polyline, circle or ellipse.

 Specify the first insertion point (the starting point of the dimension), then specify the second insertion point (the end point of the dimension).

 Place a dimension leader in the drawing.

CAD software Offset Dimension 7

 To automatically set dimensions at the end points along the entire length of the object, press the SPACEBAR key or RMB (does not work for closed objects).

CAD drawing Offset Dimension 8

The command will continue to work in a cyclic mode. To exit the cyclic mode, press the Esc key.

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