nanoCAD for Beta testers

Multilingual nanoCAD beta testing is on!

We have great news!

Nanosoft AS has just announced the release of a new multilingual beta version of nanoCAD 23. It is now available in 5 languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Korean

Apart from the localization updates, nanoCAD 23 and its professional modules have got more enhancements, bug corrections, and new features to ensure a more efficient, intuitive, and productive design experience.

Join the Beta-Test Program
Press the Start Testing button, download and run the beta version of Multilingual nanoCAD 23 and test it.
Leave your Feedback
Press the Leave Feedback button and live us your feedback via a special report form to make nanoCAD better for everyone, in every language!

What's new

What’s new in nanoCAD platform:

  • Color Display of the Positive Direction of X and Y Axes
  • Displaying Grid as Dots
  • Copying the Text Format in Multiline Texts
  • Attachment of Standard File in the Profile Settings
  • Additions in the Text Decoder Dialog Box
  • Non-dialog Version of -SCALELISTEDIT Command
  • Improved IFC Import
  • Other Corrections

What’s new in Topoplan Module:

  • New Command for Projecting Objects on a Surface
  • Setting Attributes when Importing Geopoints
  • Copying Column Data
  • Updated Appearance of Dialogs for Working with Geopoints
  • Underlay Type Storage
  • Conversion Precision Adjustment

What’s new in 3D Solid Modeling Module:

  • Corrected Direct Modeling
  • Improved Parametric Modeling
  • Corrected Sheet Solids

What’s new in Construction Module:

  • The bug has been fixed due to which zeros in the fractional part were cut off in room and area markers regardless of the Number of decimal places setting.
  • The bug in the Stamp Creation Wizard has been fixed. Due to this the thickness and color of the stamp lines could not be determined by the design settings.

What’s new in Mechanica Module:

  • Now the parameters of a sheet solid are displayed in the Parameters Manager.

And other improvements…

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