Topoplan Topoplan

nanoCAD’s Topoplan module extends the nanoCAD platform with tools for digital terrain modeling and documentation. It is designed to make the work of surveyors more efficient.
You can get a license for 1 or 3 years with nanoCAD Platform
Commercial, Educational and Trial licenses are available.

What you get

Comprehensive Tool Set of nanoCAD platform

nanoCAD platform provides you with a full set of basic and advanced design tools for creating and editing 2D/3D objects. It offers multiple drawing and editing methods for most geometric elements. nanoCAD platform is the base on which you build a more powerful CAD system to your specifications.

A convenient and practical tool for a survey engineer

Topoplan Module converts nanoCAD Platform to an engineering solution for creating a digital terrain model and preparing topographic plan drawings.

  • Support for Civil 3D objects
  • Quick selection and switching between preset topographic scales
  • Textures applied to meshes and calculations performed
  • Varied ways for displaying terrain models
  • Comprehensive tools for working with surfaces and generating contours
  • Multiple data sources for creating digital terrain models
  • Full list of features
  • Technical support
  • Customizable user interface
  • Open API
  • Annual updates

Main features

Surface Difference
Surface Difference
The Height Difference (NG_HEIGHT_DIFFERENCE) command creates a new surface as a result of subtracting one surface from another.
Topographic Hatches
Topographic Hatches
Filling the contour with conventional signs. You can set the type of filling, step, angle of rotation, a combination of several symbols.
Coloring Elevation Legend
Coloring Elevation Legend
Generation of elevation legend for a height-colored surface.
Export Geopoints
Export Geopoints
The Export geopoints (NG_EXPORT_POINTS) command allows you to: export such objects as geopoints, blocks, simple points to txt, csv, sdr format, with the possibility to create labels in the drawing; save the label’s rotation value or other user attributes when exporting to an external file; select encoding.
User-Defined Properties of Geopoints
User-Defined Properties of Geopoints
You can set user-defined properties for geopoints. If you have additional data that cannot be distributed over existing standard geopoint properties, you can define your own user-defined properties.
Painting Mesh by Elevation (UPD)
Painting Mesh by Elevation
Expanded options for coloring the surface by blevation. Now it is possible to customize, save and load the gradient from a file.
Import of KML/KMZ files (Improved)
Import of KML/KMZ files
A preview window has been added to the import of KML/KMZ files. Now it is possible to search coordinate systems to transform.
Building digital terrain models and texturing
Building digital terrain models and texturing
Topoplan module creates digital terrain models and textures them using various methods.
Create contour lines and their elements
Create contour lines and their elements
Contour lines can be built on the base of Submesh or Polyfacemesh objects. For contour lines it is possible to add bergstriches and contour labels.
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