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nanoCAD User Interface

note: Help with the updated description of the program functionality is available online:


With nanoCAD you can organize user workspace according to the user’s needs and tasks. The standard set of tools is usually used:

Ribbon interface:

CAD drafting nanoCAD User Interface 0

Classic interface (with main menu and toolbars instead of ribbon):

CAD software nanoCAD User Interface 1

The nanoCAD workspace consists of the following interface elements:

·         the nanoCAD button and the Quick Access toolbar (0);

·         ribbon or main menu (1);

·         toolbars (2);

·         drawing window (drawing area) (3);

·         documents’ tabs (4);

·         document layouts’ tabs (5);

·         Properties bar (6);

·         command line (7);

·         status bar (8).

Most interface elements can be moved to other places; they can be fixed or floating. Some elements can be auto hidden.

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