nanoCAD adapts to the enterprise

The nanoCAD platform is designed to integrate into both SMBs and enterprise-level settings. Remarkable performance is noted by engineers at Fortune 500 companies and green energy innovation firms. Affordable, flexible, and DWG-compatible, nanoCAD turns out to be the perfect choice.

One-day switchover

New software always comes with integration problems, and it usually requires configuration efforts to be fitted into company workflows. We take care of your CAD manager’s time: we designed nanoCAD to meld into existing workflows with little effort. nanoCAD supports the standard ribbon and toolbar interfaces that make your staff productive right away. Being professional software, nanoCAD uses the industry’s standard DWG format as its native file format. Powerful drafting and design tools found in nanoCAD are the ones your designers may be well accustomed to. Its open API matches those of design systems your firm already employs.

File format support

Your company’s most valuable resource is its intellectual property. Projects, drawing files, and customizations are the result of many person-hours of work. nanoCAD assists your firm by reading and writing legacy DWG files from previous decades, as well as in the latest format, DWG 2018.
nanoCAD serves as a robust platform for third-party add-ons by importing product customizations from other design systems. It reads files for tool palettes (XTP), drawing standards (DWS), drawing templates (DWT), hatch patterns (PAT), linetypes (LIN), styles and tables, and more.

License Convenience

Simple license schemes

Nanosoft offers a simple and transparent scheme for nanoCAD licensing:
  • One and three-year subscription licenses, with either workstation or network (floating) configuration
  • Three-year subscriptions include perpetual licenses, at no extra cost
  • Volume licenses available to larger customers
Our network licenses are true floating ones, they are not locked to named user accounts.

No unnecessary personal data collection

Corporate nanoCAD licenses are linked to the company owning them, not to individual employees. No personal data is collected for individual licenses.

Always up-to-date software

nanoCAD licenses are on a subscription basis, updates are always available as soon as they are released, at no extra cost.

Multi-user networks

nanoCAD network licenses are available for corporate networks, that makes the CAD software available to designers and private users. Employees away from the office, such as those working from home or on business trips, can temporarily transfer licenses to their laptops, no need to connect to the corporate network.

Corporate Agreements

For firms that require a global enterprise agreement or would like to inquire about our volume licensing offers, fill in our contact form. A representative will contact you promptly.
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