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Migration of Settings from Previous Versions

User can change different parameters of nanoCAD.

Settings from installed previous versions of nanoCAD can be copied to new version.

On the first start nanoCAD will display Migration of settings dialog with list of all previously installed nanoCAD versions:

CAD drafting Migration of Settings from Previous Versions 0

Clear the Hide old versions checkbox to show settings from earlier versions of nanoCAD (enabled by default). Select desired version or click Skip button to skip migration.

Note: Only nanoCAD settings from the Options dialog will be copied. The interface configurations (location of interface elements and their content) are transferred and copied by UIIMPORT and UIEXPORT commands.

To restore default program settings use Reset All button in the Profiles dialog

The user can change various parameters of the nanoCAD working environment.

Migrating Settings at Minor Update

If a minor update of the program was installed over the already installed one, then the first time you start nanoCAD, a window will open asking if you want to save the previous user settings of the program.

CAD software Migration of Settings from Previous Versions 1

Selection of Keep custom settings saves the created and installed profiles. The profile installed when exiting the program before the upgrade will open in the upgraded version.

Selection of Reset custom settings to the default state saves the profiles. The profile set when exiting the program before the update will not open in the updated version, the Default profile will be installed instead. The remaining profiles will remain in the Profiles dialog with all settings.

If you change the Default profile, its settings are transferred to the updated version.

Resetting user settings only resets the interface settings of the Customize inetrface dialog (INTERFACE command). The program settings in the Options dialog (OPTIONS command) and Design settings (PARAMS command) remain the same.

Regardless of resetting or saving user settings, the new version updates the functionality and adds new items to all settings dialogs.


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