MouseOK    Ribbon: Home, Draw – Modify >  Fillet

MouseOK   Menu: Modify –  Fillet…

MouseOK   Toolbar: Modify –

KeyboardOK Command line: F, FILLET

This command is used to create fillets in the intersection points of objects, with automatic dimensioning ability. The command can create fillets individually.

The Fillet command can be used for quick trimming or lengthening of selected objects. To do it, press SHIFT button when you select objects: a current value of fillet radius is temporarily changed to 0 and objects are lengthened or trimmed to intersection point.

It is possible to make a fillet between parallel segments. A current value of fillet radius is temporarily changed to a value, which equals to half distance between parallel segments. The dialog box opens after the command is launched:


This button switches on the lines cutting mode.

This button switches to insert circle instead of fillet.


Radius of fillet.

This button temporarily closes the dialog box to allow measuring of the fillet radius on the drawing. The Value picker dialog appears to perform measurements.

This button fully cuts lines before their intersection.

This button switches on the mode for cutting of lines before their intersection.

This button switches on the mode without lines cutting.

This button switches on the additional dimensioning mode.

This button switches the automatic dimensioning mode on/off.

This button temporarily closes the dialog box to allow copying of properties from created fillets.

Double-click or right-click in the fields to enter values will open the context menu with the list of the recently entered values:

Options in the context menu and in the command line are available during the process of fillet creation:

Command options:


The Fillet dialog box opens to change the chamfer parameters.


Finishes the creation of one group of fillets and starts another. The command is applied when you need to create some fillets with one radius on one object and with the same radius on another object:


Switches to the mode for creating chamfers. The Chamfer dialog box opens to specify the parameters of the fillet.


Switches to the mode of making fillets along a whole selected polyline.

If a fillet radius does not equal zero the command creates fillet arcs for every node, created by crossed line segments, if they have a length enough for fillet creation.

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