3D Solid Modeling 3D Solid Modeling

nanoCAD’s 3D Solid Modeling module extends the nanoCAD platform with direct and parametric modeling. It is designed to construct 3D assemblies with 3D constraints and xrefs, and to handle sheet metal modeling.
You can get a license for 1 or 3 years.
Commercial, Educational and Trial licenses are available.

What you get

Comprehensive Tool Set of nanoCAD platform

nanoCAD platform provides you with a full set of basic and advanced design tools for creating and editing 2D/3D objects. It offers multiple drawing and editing methods for most geometric elements. nanoCAD platform is the base on which you build a more powerful CAD system to your specifications.

Advanced 3D Tool Set

The 3D Solid Modeling Module offers users the rigor of parametric modeling and the freedom of direct modeling, conveniently packaged together in one environment. Parametric modeling builds 3D geometry piece by piece, with formula-based parameters that specify and change sizes of and distances between parts. Direct modeling offers a what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach in which designers edit 3D models by pushing and pulling faces and edges.

  • 3D constraints
  • 3D parametric and direct modeling
  • History tree
  • Assembly tools
  • Flat drawings generated from 3D models
  • Reads most common CAD formats
  • Dynamic UCS
  • Full list of features
  • Technical support
  • Customizable user interface
  • Open API
  • Annual updates
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