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External References Notification

While working in a document, changes in the files of external references made by external programs are tracked. Changes in the files of external references (xrefs), underlays, and raster images are tracked.

The status bar displays an indicator button of the status of external links in the active document.

CAD drafting External References Notification 0

If an external link file was changed in a third-party application while working in the drawing, a warning message will appear and the indicator will change its status.

CAD software External References Notification 1

Right-clicking on the button opens a context menu from where you can call the External Links dialog box or update the external links of the drawing.

CAD drawing External References Notification 2

If the external link file was not found at all, the message appears, and the indicator button turns red.

CAD drafting External References Notification 3

The XREFNOTIFY variable allows you to disable notification or change the type of notifications:

0 - disable notification of changes of external link files.

1 - display notifications in the dialog boxes.

2 - display notifications as pop-up balloons near the status bar.

The XNOTIFYTIME variable sets the time interval at which external link files are checked (in minutes).


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