nanoCAD for Developers

Dear Developers, with nanoCAD you can:

  • Create new applications for design engineers.
  • Quickly port your AutoCAD application to a lower-cost platform.
  • Experiment with a broad set of APIs for CAD design studies.
nanoCAD is designed for developers!

The nanoCAD platform is a robust foundation for CAD development

Since launching in 2008, Nanosoft has been receiving an enthusiastic welcome from CAD developers, who saw the benefits to nanoCAD and so migrated their applications to it.

nanoCAD is software is built with clean-sheet architecture, developed by a team of programmers with deep experience in CAD. It comes with a layered application programming interface (API) for developing applications using JavaScript, VBS, Python (via COM), LISP, .NET, and C ++.

With nanoCAD’s ARX-like API, developers find they can easily port applications built for AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, and other CAD systems to nanoCAD.

Our MultiCAD API for C++ and .NET creates binary-compatible applications for DWG-compatible CAD platforms (such as, for example, AutoCAD).

Developer support, by nanoCAD Developers Club

Membership in the nanoCAD Developers Club offers these exclusive benefits:

Free software and API. Members receive free access to the DWG-compatible nanoCAD CAD development platform with its large set of API tools. Once registered, you don’t pay for nanoCAD or the development tools.

nanoCAD as OEM toolkit. In addition to the standard conditions described in the “nanoCAD Development Agreement,” you can apply to use nanoCAD as an OEM solution. In this case, your application uses nanoCAD as an integrated CAD engine. For more information on developing with nanoCAD OEM, contact us directly at

Become a nanoCAD beta-tester. Even when you are not a programmer, you can access unreleased versions of our products. Join the nanoCAD beta testing program and help us build better CAD software. Learn more

Join the club!

We welcome all who see making a future for themselves by working with our nanoCAD platform. Here’s how to get started:

  • Step 1 Register as a nanoCAD developer at the Developers Club.
  • Step 2  Accept the terms of the “Agreement on the development of nanoCAD”.
  • Step 3 Get approved, and then receive full access to nanoCAD’s developer resources.
  • Step 4  You’re on the team! Download the nanoCAD SDK, and start creating.
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