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2D drawings and 3D solid models with 2D and 3D parametric constraints, and dynamic UCS for effortless sketching on 3D faces. Documentation drawings link to 3D models. Fully DWG compatible.

nanoCAD 21 Platform
3D Modeling module

nanoCAD Construction

Construction drawings made on predrawn outlined borders and title blocks with thousands of parametric symbols and objects adhering to ISO, DIN, and other standards. Data can be driven from SQL databases.

nanoCAD 21 Platform
Construction module

nanoCAD Mechanica

Mechanical drawings made of gears, shafts, and springs designed with built-in calculators based on ISO and other standards. Create and edit 2D and 3D drawings with 2D/3D constraints. Documentation drawings link to 3D models. Reads IDF data from ECAD systems.

nanoCAD 21 Platform
3D Modeling module
Mechanica module

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nanoCAD 21
All Modules:
3D Modeling

How nanoCAD works

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nanoCAD is the right choice for you, because...

All-inclusive CAD Platform
nanoCAD is designed to get your work done no matter which industry you’re in. With it, you can create drawings from simple to complex, supported by international standards. The program has been successfully deployed across various disciplines such as mechanical engineering, building design, architecture, site design and landscaping. It combines a familiar interface with a powerful set of tools, native DWG files and responsive technical support to make it simply the best choice.
A Native DWG
nanoCAD runs in the industry’s standard DWG format. It’s the same one other CAD systems are based on, such as AutoCAD. nanoCAD was in fact designed from the very beginning to use DWG natively - no translation or conversion needed. Nanosoft is an Open Design Alliance Member. nanoCAD even supports complex DWG objects, like 3D point clouds and IFC models.
Open API to Developers
nanoCAD offers an AutoCAD-compatible programming platform at no cost. Thus gives the possibility to accustom and develop CAD applications according to one's needs. Feel free to integrate calculations, automate design activities and link drawings with external databases. Run already created add-ins from other members of our developers’ club. nanoCAD’s API interface supports the following programming languages and technologies: C, C++, C#, COM, .NET, LISP, VBscript, JavaScript, and command scripting..
Familiar User Interface
If you are grounded in other DWG CAD then consider yourself at home with nanoCAD. The screen layout and its command structure are highly distinguishable and user-friendly. Even if it’s been a while since you’ve worked in CAD, you’ll get up to the speed and productivity in no time - quick and easy. Especially useful for mechanical engineering, building design, architecture, site design and landscaping.
Feature-packed Updates
Every year a new version is coming. The new nanoCAD 21 release is full of new ways to create, compare and communicate. Five optional modules 3D Modeling, Construction, Mechanica, Raster, Topoplan expands nanoCAD 21 functionality. Create with 3D Modeling module using 2D and 3D parametric constraints to turn parts into assemblies. Edit scanned drawings and convert them to CAD with Raster module. Planning earthworks is easy with Topoplan module.
Professional Technical Support
nanoCAD users with valid subscriptions are entitled to technical support during the use of the software, provided via email and help-desk. Free support is provided by nanoCAD's community through the Nanosoft forum. Nanosoft professionals and partners are also part of the community.


nanoCAD is really Cost Effective

To start off, download and try out nanoCAD free for 30 days to see what it’s like. Next, we suggest an annual subscription as the cost-effective way to gradually integrate nanoCAD into your office. Annual subscriptions are also handy for bulking up temporarily during large projects.

Once you are established with nanoCAD, we offer three-year subscriptions that include permanent licenses, with free technical support and upgrades during that time. You’ll find that nanoCAD is far easier on your budget than any other DWG editor.

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About us
Since 2008 Nanosoft has been offering cost-effective CAD solutions.
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For nearly two decades, the Nanosoft team has been
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