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CAD drafting Extract from View 0    Ribbon: Point Clouds > Point Cloud > CAD software Extract from View 1 Extract from View

CAD drawing Extract from View 2    Menu: Point clouds > CAD drafting Extract from View 3 Extract from view

CAD software Extract from View 4 Command line: NPC_EXTRACT_FROM_VIEW

This command extracts points from viewport to a new point cloud. If source point cloud was clipped with one of clip or section commands, then only visible points includes in a new cloud. If point cloud has a Class attribute then only points from visible unblocked and unfrozen layers will be extracted. All metadata remains unchanged, new point cloud object will be created on the current layer.

Command Prompt:

Use all clouds in view? <No> or [Yes/No]:

This prompt is displayed when there are more than one point cloud in the viewport.

Command options:


Creates one point cloud that includes all visible points of all point clouds of the viewport. All points, which are invisible in active viewport, because they are outside viewport margins, will be also extracted.


Displays the prompt:

Select point clouds or [?]:

Specify the cloud to be extracted or select the ?.option


Displays the selection prompt:

Select an option or [Window/Last/Crossing/Box/ALl/ Fence/WPolygon/CPolygon/Group/Add/Remove/Previous/AUto]:

that allows you to select a cloud using various options (see Selection of objects using the command line options section)


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