Point Clouds Display Settings

Point Clouds Display Settings

Point Clouds Display Settings

Display Settings

Display boundary

MouseOK    Ribbon: Point Clouds Settings >  Switch point cloud boundary

MouseOK    Menu: Point Clouds Settings >  Display point cloud boundary

KeyboardOK Command line: SWITCHPCBOUNDARY

Enable/disable boundary box of each point cloud in the drawing. Disable by default.


Display all points

MouseOK    Ribbon: Point Clouds Settings >  Switch point cloud display tree

MouseOK    Menu: Point Clouds Settings >  Display all points


Turn on / off the display of all points in the cloud. Disabled by default, so the number of points displayed on the screen depends on the performance of the PC’s graphics system.

Enabling this mode only affects the speed of displaying clouds and navigation in the workspace. This mode does not affect the speed of clouds processing by commands of stitching (registration), classification, etc. To speed up cloud processing operations, make it sparse with the Thinning the Point Cloud command, which reduces not the displayed, but the actual number of points in cloud. It is also possible to reduce the number of cloud points that get into the document during the import operation by checking the Spacing box and specifying the sequence number of imported points.


Zoom Extents after Import

MouseOK    Ribbon: Point Clouds Settings >  Switch point cloud import zoom extents

MouseOK    Menu: Point Clouds Settings >  Zoom extents after import


Auto zoom extents mode to the point cloud after import.

In the majority of cases after importing it is required to zoom to the point cloud. This mode does this automatically. The mode is enabled by default.


Snap Point Cloud

MouseOK    Ribbon: Point Clouds Settings >  Snap Point Cloud

MouseOK    Menu: Point Cloud Settings >  Snap Point Cloud

KeyboardOK Command line: SWITCHPCSNAPON

Snap to separate points in Node object snap mode. The mode is enabled by default.


Snap to Geometry

MouseOK    Ribbon: Point Clouds Settings >  Snap to Edges and Nodes

MouseOK    Menu: Point cloud Settings >  Snap to Edges and Nodes

KeyboardOK Command line: SWITCHPCSNAPON

Allows you to snap to fit points of geometry, recognized in the cloud by features recognition commands.

By default, the mode is on.


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