3D Orbit

3D Orbit

3D Navigation

3D Orbit

MouseOK    Ribbon: View – Navigate >  Orbit

MouseOK    Menu: View – Orbit >  3D Orbit

MouseOK    Toolbar: View –

KeyboardOK Command Line: 3DORBIT

MouseOK KeyboardOK hold down the mouse wheel + SHIFT

Rotate view in 3D when camera moves on horizontal and vertical orbits.

Cursor will be changed to: .

The target of the view stays stationary while the camera location, or point of view, moves by mouse movements.

If you are moving cursor horizontally – camera is moving in XY plane of the WCS. If you are moving cursor vertically – camera is moving along Z-axis.

You can set orbit options in Mouse settings – 3D Orbit settings – Orbit center in Options dialog box.

Set one of two center point location:


Visible objects

Center of the objects you’re viewing is the center of orbit. Thus if you see the part of circle, center of this circle is orbit center.

Visible parts of objects

Center of the objects parts you’re viewing is the center of orbit. Thus if you see the part of circle, center of this part is orbit center.

If the box SHIFT + mouse wheel to rotate 3D orbit is checked, the command can be initiated at any moment by using this combination.

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