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Flip Edge

CAD drafting Flip Edge 0   Ribbon: TopoplanModify TIN > CAD software Flip Edge 1 Flip Edge

CAD drawing Flip Edge 2   Menu: GroundEditing TIN > CAD drafting Flip Edge 3 Flip edge

CAD software Flip Edge 4   Toolbar: Editing TIN > CAD drawing Flip Edge 5 Flip edge

CAD drafting Flip Edge 6 Command line: NG_MESH_FLIP

The command changes the edge position between two triangulation faces in the surface model (SubMesh or Polyface mesh); it can be performed, for example, to turn edges along the slope crest, road side, etc.

When you run the command, an object snap is enabled, and then you should specify an edge for a flip.

When you hover the cursor over the mesh, two adjacent triangles the position of face between which will be changed are highlighted in red. A click on the face flips the edge.

Surface before flip

Surface after flip

CAD software Flip Edge 7

CAD drawing Flip Edge 8

The position of several faces can be subsequently changed. Pressing ESC ends the command.


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