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nanoCAD is a professional-grade CAD platform fully compatible with the industry’s DWG standard. It offers the standard user interface with a wide set of tools for 2D/3D drafting that can be extended with modules specific to the needs of professionals in engineering, architecture, and construction.
You can get a license for 1 or 3 years.
Commercial, Educational and Trial licenses are available.

What you get

Professional CAD platform based on the industry’s standard DWG format

The nanoCAD platform is the ultimate tool for creating, editing, validating, sharing, and managing CAD models. It switches instantly between ribbon and classic styles of the CAD interface so that you can start working with it right away. nanoCAD supports all active versions of DWG, the world’s most popular format for storing CAD drawings - right up to today's DWG 2018 and all the way back to DWG R11. Registered nanoCAD users always receive technical support free.

Comprehensive Tool Set

nanoCAD 24 provides you with a full set of basic and advanced design tools for creating and editing 2D/3D objects. It offers multiple drawing and editing methods for most geometric elements.

  • Efficient printing
  • Advanced dimensioning functions
  • Reusable blocks and references
  • Tool palettes
  • Sheet sets
  • IFC support
  • Powerful Excel-style table editor
  • 2D/3D Point Clouds
  • Drawing recovery, audit, and cleaning utilities for damaged files
  • NEW
    Point Cloud Project Manager
  • Dynamic input
  • Full list of features
  • Technical support
  • Customizable user interface
  • Open API
  • Annual updates

Main features

nanoCAD 24 comes with a complete set of design tools for both basic and advanced projects to help you create and edit 2D/3D objects with ease. It lets you draw and modify most geometric objects in multiple ways. Learn more about the features.
Import IFC files and view them in nanoCAD. nanoCAD also offers BCF functionality; open an IFC file that’s created in a different BIM system and simply exchange notes on it.
Point Clouds
Point Clouds
nanoCAD imports point clouds into drawings. The Import dialog box allows you to import only the regions of clouds you need. Then create and modify clouds with sections and clips.
Locator View rotation mode
Locator View rotation mode
With the Expanded Locator Functionality, you can interactively rotate the view of a model while holding down the Alt key. The mode allows you to rotate around the axis of the viewing direction.
Wide range of Visual Styles
Wide range of Visual Styles
nanoCAD features the abililty to customize visual styles. The editor allows you to create your own style that you can save in the template file. The new visual style "black and white" almost completely imitates a drawing for you in the viewport.
External References
External References
External references (Xref) allow you to use the same file (such as a drawing or block) in multiple projects. This simplifies work and saves time, as changes to the source file are automatically reflected in all projects where it is used.
Named views
Named views
This nanoCAD functionality allows to create a named view in one click. Set views with the locator tool, name them and then quickly switch between them.
Dynamic input
Dynamic input
Dynamic input helps you set the dimensions of drawing elements without having to access the command line. This is a projection with pointer input, dimension input and dynamic hints. Dynamic input, available when creating and editing objects, greatly simplifies the work with drawings
Work with Rasters
Work with Rasters
nanoCAD contains a set of tools for creating and editing bitmap images. Depending on the tool used, you can edit monochrome, color and/or grayscale bitmaps saved in internal or external formats (TIFF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PCX)
Object groups
Object groups
For the convenience of editing objects, nanoCAD can combine them into a group. This will allow you to select and edit both the entire group and individual objects included in it.
Associative Design Elements
Associative Design Elements
nanoCAD maintains associative dimensions created in other CAD systems. The associative relationship with objects allows dimensions to be further adjusted without rebuilding them.

Modules for nanoCAD

3D Solid Modeling
$ = USD. Full price see on Buy nanoCAD page.
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