Create Transmittal Package

Create Transmittal Package

Create Transmit Package

MouseOK   nanoCAD button - Etransmit

MouseOK   Ribbon: OutputExport >  Etransmit

MouseOK    Menu: File – Etransmit…

KeyboardOK Command line: ETRANSMIT

This function forms packages of files for transmitting to other computer or transmission by internet. Transmittal package includes all drawing-related files such as xrefs and font files.

note: In some CAD “set of files” term is used instead “package of files”.

Create transmittal dialog box displays table with all drawing-related files (xrefs, fonts etc.). The dialog shows information about every file in transmittal: Name, Size, Type, Date, Saved path.

Click button  to display files in a tree structure.

Files marked with  and  are included in transmittal package.

To create transmittal package:


1.    Run Etransmit command.

2.    To include additional files, click the Add file… button in the Create Transmittal dialog box, then select files in standard dialog Open.

3.    Clear check boxes for unnecessary files to exclude them from package.

4.    Click OK. Specify a file name and locate the folder where you want to create the transmittal package in Save as dialog box. Transmittal package saves in a self-extracting ZIP-file.

You can set up Etransmit settings in the Etransmit section of the Options dialog (menu Tools – Options).


Include fonts

Include associated font files (TTF and SHX) to transmittal package.

Path options

Select options for files and folders included in package:

Use organized folder structure;

Place all files in one folder;

Keep files and folder as is.


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