Scale List

Scale List

Scale List

In most cases, drawings are printed at an accurate scale.

When printing a model space, the plot scale is set in the Plot dialogue box. This scale determines the ratio of the unit of length in the printed drawing to the real unit used in creation of the drawing.

When printing one of layout tabs, the scale is applied to the model itself displayed in the layout viewports. It defines, for each viewport, the ratio of the paper format dimensions to the model dimensions in the viewport.

Standard scales are available from the list of scales in the corresponding nanoCAD tools:

In the Plot dialogue box:

For a selected or active viewport:

·         in the status bar

·         in the Properties toolbar:

The list of scales is managed in the Edit drawing scales dialogue box

MouseOK    Ribbon: Annotate Annotation scaling >  Scale List

MouseOK    Menu: Format  Scale List Edit…

KeyboardOK Command line: SCALELISTEDIT

In the dialogue, you can add new scales, edit the existing ones, rebuild the scale list and delete unnecessary ones.


Scale list

Displays the content of the current scale list.


Opens the Add Scale dialogue box to create a new scale. The dialogue box sets the following parameters:

Scale name to be displayed in the Scale list.

Scale properties – ratio of paper units to drawing units.

Opens the Edit scale dialogue box to edit parameters of the selected scale.

Moves the selected scale one position up or down in the list.

Deletes the scale selected in the list.

Deletes all custom and unused scales and restores the standard scale list. In the Reset dialogue box, select the scale list to be restored.

Show xref scales

Enables the display of scales contained in external references and different from the document scales in the scale list.

The xref scales are also available for editing.

To display the standard scales in certain units of measurement in the list, press Reset button, in the Scale List dialogue box select to restore the list of scales in required units.


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