Selection of superimposed objects

Selection of superimposed objects

Selection of superimposed objects

MouseOK    Ribbon: Manage – Customization > Select Dialogue

MouseOK    Menu: View  Show Selection Dialogue

KeyboardOK Hot keys: CTRL+W

KeyboardOK Command line: SHOWSELDLG

Selection of objects which are very close to each other is not difficult in nanoCAD.

If several objects are in the cursor’s pickbox:


the dialog box automatically opens showing the list:



Selection of all the objects in the dialog box list.


 No objects in the dialog box list are selected.

Pressing ESC also cancels the selection and closes the dialog box.

Place the cursor over any object in the list highlights it on the screen. Click on any object in the dialog box to select it. The dialog box closes after an object is selected.

Examples of different object selection:

Selection of arc object

Selection of diametric dimension object

Selection of all 3 objects: arc, diametric dimension and circle

The Show selection dialog command from the View menu switches on/off display of the Selection dialog box.

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