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In this part, we will add benchmarks and dimensions to the drawing.

Open the Faсade Desing.dwg file (fig.31):


Fig. 31. The Faсade Design.dwg drawing file in nanoCAD

1. Make the Design layer current.

2. Add a dimension between axes: Annotate – Dimension – Aligned – enter dimension between two axes on the drawing (fig. 32):

Fig. 32. Dimension

3. Set the dimension style. Click on the Design tab and open the Dimension Style dialog box (fig. 33):

Fig. 33. Run the Dimension Style Manager
Select the current dimension style and click Modify (fig. 34):


Fig. 34. Dimension Style Manager

In the Lines tab, configure the following settings:

  • Color of Dimensions lines – white
  • Color of Extension lines – white

In the Text tab set the text color as white (fig. 35):


Fig. 35. Edit the dimension style

Click OK, then close the Dimension Style Manager.

4. Insert a block with a benchmark.

Run the Insert Block command in the Insert tab. Press the Browse button and select Bechmark.dwg file (fig.36):


Fig. 36. Insert block from the file

 Click OK. Insert the block three times and add attribute values as shown in fig. 37:


 Fig. 37. Final drawing

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