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Creating Transmittal Package

The eTransmit command allows you to collect all the data related to the current drawing (shx fonts, external references, underlays, etc.), and save it to the .zip archive. The archive can be sent to colleagues or clients. It can reopen on another computer with no problem.

Continue your work with the drawing file from the Work with Layout topic or open the Facade eTransmit.dwg file.

1. Open the External References toolbar (fig. 44) 


Fig. 44. External references

The current drawing file includes one external reference now. If you send someone only the current drawing file, they will not be able to see an external reference.

2. Click on the nanoCAD button – ETransmit (fig. 45):


Fig. 45. The ETransmit command

A new window will display a list of transmittal elements including the current drawing, external reference, font, etc. (fig. 46). You can uncheck files you don’t want to transmit:


Fig. 46. The Create Transmittal window

Click OK and specify the path for saving. Save the file.

3. Close the drawing file in nanoCAD.

4. Unzip the transmittal archive and open the drawing file (fig. 47 – 48):


Fig. 47. Unzipped archive


Fig. 48. Drawing file from the unzipped archive

The drawing file is displayed correctly with no elements lost.

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