nanoCAD Platform

Standard Drawing

Download and open the Steel Bar.dwg drawing file.

Press F8 or type ORTHO in the Status bar to turn on the orthogonalization mode.

Press F12 or type DYN in the Status bar to turn on the dynamic mode. 

1. Run the Polyline command:


Fig. 1 The Polyline command

2. Use the red X as the base point.
3. Start drawing the polyline from the base point. Type the distance 16 (fig. 2):

Fig. 2. Dynamic input

4. Move the cursor to the right to draw the next point, and type the distance 40 (fig. 3):

Fig. 3. Dynamic input

5. Continue drawing.

As a result, you should get a rectangle (see the fig. 4).

Fig. 4. The result

6. Turn off the Auxiliary Layer (fig. 5):

Fig. 5. Turn off the Auxiliary layer

7. Click on the Circle Center, Radius (fig. 6):

Fig. 6. Circle by Center and Radius

8. Draw a circle with a radius of 14 (fig. 7):


Fig. 7. Draw a circle

9. Use the Smart Trim command to remove unnecessary lines (fig. 8 and 9)

Fig. 8. The Smart Trim command


Fig. 9. Use the Smart Trim command

10.  Change the radius of the big circle: select the circle and click on the vertices (fig. 10). In the dynamic field type 30:

Fig. 10. Change the circle radius

11. Set the Dimensions layer as current.

Use the Dimensions command (fig. 11) to enter dimensions. 

Fig. 11. Dimension commands on the ribbon

That’s all, the fig. 12 displays the final result.


Fig. 12. The final result

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