Video Tutorials

No matter if you are a novice or an expert CAD user, it’s always good to stay tuned with the nanoCAD Platform's capabilities and improve your design workflow. Watch the video lessons below to learn how to work efficiently with nanoCAD and its professional modules.

Lesson 44 - Working with Interactive Arrays in nanoCAD

nanoCAD introduces parametric arrays that are interactive. Instead of specifying their look with a dialog box or at the command line, you now interact with them while drawing the array. In this video, you learn how to work with interactive arrays:
  • How to create rectangular and polar arrays interactively
  • Editing arrays using grips
  • Creating 3D arrays

Lesson 40 - Creating and Working with Groups

nanoCAD has several ways of working with groups of entities, and one of them is called "groups." Groups essentially are named selection sets. In this video, you learn how to create and insert blocks in drawings:
• Using the Group command to make a group of entities
• Understanding the difference between "selectable" and "uselectable" modes
• Using groups in commands
• Eliminating groups

Lesson 39 - Working with Attributes in Blocks

Blocks can hold data called "attributes," such as prices and model numbers. In this video, you learn how to add attributes to and extract data from blocks:
•    Adding attributes to blocks
•    Filling data into attributes
•    Editing attribute data
•    Toggling the visibility of attributes
•    Exporting attributes to a spreadsheet program

Lesson 38 - Editing and Sharing Blocks with nanoCAD

Once you have added blocks to a drawing, you may want to change them, and you definitely want to use them in other drawings. In this video, you learn how to edit and share blocks with other drawings:
• Using the Block Editor to make changes to blocks
• Editing blocks in-place
• Sharing blocks between drawings through the Clipboard
• Saving blocks to disc with the SaveAs and WBlock commands
• Adding blocks to the Tools palette

Lesson 37 - Creating and Inserting Blocks with nanoCAD

CAD is all about drawing efficiently, and one of the most efficient tools is the block. A block is a symbol that you use a lot, such as a door or a bolt. In this video, you learn how to create and insert blocks in drawings:
• Using the Block command to make a desk symbol from a rectangle
• Inserting the desk block in the drawing with the Insert command
• Understanding unit blocks
• Inserting a unit block as a scaled desk symbol

Lesson 19 - Making Parallel Copies (Offset)

The Offset command makes parallel copies of objects. In this video, you learn how to use the Offset command with curved and straight objects, as well as how to use the command's Multiple, Undo, Layer, Erase, and Through options.

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