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No matter if you are a novice or an expert CAD user, it’s always good to stay tuned with the nanoCAD Platform's capabilities and improve your design workflow. Watch the video lessons below to learn how to work efficiently with nanoCAD and its professional modules.
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Blocks in nanoCAD - Lesson 13

In this lesson we will learn what blocks are and how to work with them in nanoCAD. We will also learn what block attributes are, what they are for, and how to interact with them.

Leaders - Lesson 11

In this lesson we will talk about such a design element as leaders. We will look at different types of leaders, explore the functionality of commonly used ones, and learn how to customize them, and add information from the drawing. This lesson will allow you to design your drawings correctly and accurately and make them more meaningful.

Dimensions - Lesson 10

In this lesson we will get acquainted with the Dimensions command, review the main types of dimensions, and also get acquainted with tools for working with dimensions. In addition, we will create your own dimension style. This lesson will give you skills in working with drawings using dimensions and customizing styles.

Working with Text - Lesson 9

In this lesson we will introduce you to different text options in nanoCAD. We will look at both basic and additional functions for working with text.

Layers - Lesson 8

Level up your nanoCAD expertise with our comprehensive tutorial on layers! Discover what layers are, explore essential tools, and learn their placements to enhance your drawing organization and efficiency. From creating and managing layers to using powerful commands like LAYER LOCK and MERGE LAYERS, this lesson equips you with the skills to organize your projects into logical parts, speeding up your design process. Dive into the world of layers and transform how you manage your drawings!

User Coordinate System (UCS) and World Coordinate System (WCS) - Lesson 7

In this lesson, we will learn about 2 types of coordinate systems: User Coordinate System (UCS) and World Coordinate System (WCS). We will consider their differences and how they are set up. In addition, we will get acquainted with relative and absolute coordinates and see it on a small practical example.

Navigation and Properties Panel - Lesson 6

Navigate your designs with ease in our latest nanoCAD tutorial! Dive into the basics of drawing navigation, explore the versatility of sectional planes, and unlock the full potential of the Properties panel. Whether it's mastering the PAN and ZOOM tools or leveraging the power of the QUICK SELECTION command, this lesson has everything to enhance your drafting workflow.

Object Selection - Lesson 5

Unlock the power of precision with our latest nanoCAD tutorial! Discover the art of selection with rectangles, lassos, and more to streamline your design process. Whether you're fine-tuning with crossing selections or making quick adjustments, this lesson covers all you need to select like a pro.

Editing Tools - Lesson 4. Part 2

Dive deeper into nanoCAD's Editing Tools with Part 2 of our tutorial! Master advanced techniques to refine your drawings with unparalleled speed and precision. From the MOVE command to sophisticated TRIM and EXTEND strategies, we've got everything you need to take your designs to the next level.

Editing Tools - Lesson 4. Part 1

Enhance your nanoCAD skills with our editing tools tutorial! Learn how to swiftly and accurately modify your drawings, from moving objects to mirroring and scaling.

Object Snap modes - Lesson 3

Unlock precision in your designs with #snaps in nanoCAD! Dive into our latest tutorial to master snaps settings, one-time object snaps, and more - from ENDPOINT to PARALLEL snap. Discover how snaps are the key to pinpointing exact object coordinates, speeding up your workflow, and enhancing accuracy.

Drawing Elements - Lesson 2. Part 2

Advance your nanoCAD skills with our newest tutorial! Explore beyond the basics as we delve into drawing elements such as ellipses, splines, and more. Learn to master hiding, and dividing objects, and discover the intricacies of hatch and gradient fills. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned users looking to expand their toolkit.

Drawing Elements - Lesson 2. Part 1

Dive into the world of nanoCAD with one of our latest tutorials! From mastering the basics like lines, polylines, and circles to exploring advanced drawing modes and editing options, it has it all.

nanoCAD Interface - Lesson 1

New to nanoCAD or want to upgrade your navigation skills in the software? Our latest tutorial covers everything from launching the program to mastering the interface, including Tabs, Quick Access Toolbar, and much more. Perfect your drawing techniques, grid settings, and snapping options with us.

Lesson 46 - Working with Sheet Metal in nanoCAD Mechanica

nanoCAD 21 Mechanica introduces sheet metal design that is parametric. Sheet metal is bent into shapes and has holes and other features punched into it. In this video, you learn how to create and edit sheet metal parts:
• How to set up nanoCAD Mechanica for sheet metal design
• Drawing sheet metal parts with sketches
• Adding bends, holes, and louvers
• Editing sheet metal parts

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