Video Tutorials

No matter if you are a novice or an expert CAD user, it’s always good to stay tuned with the nanoCAD Platform's capabilities and improve your design workflow. Watch the video lessons below to learn how to work efficiently with nanoCAD and its professional modules.

Lesson 20 - Arrays of Objects

Arrays make copies of objects in rectangular or polar patterns. In this video, you learn how to use the Array command and its many options to generate copies of objects in rows, columns, and circular patterns.

Lesson 17 - Extending, Joining, and Stretching Objects

nanoCAD provides many ways to edit objects after you have drawn them. In this tutorial, you learn about the Extend command and how it extends open objects to boundary lines, and so is the opposite of the Trim command. The Join command combines two or more similar objects into a single one, and turns arcs into circles. The Stretch command has a limitations in initially selecting objects, which you learn about in this video, but its awkwardness is fortunately is superseded by grips.

Lesson 16 - Filleting and Chamfering Objects

Filleting rounds corners, while chamfering cuts corners at an angle. In this video, you learn how to use the Fillet command to round the intersections of objects, then how to use the Chamfer command to cut intersections at an angle. The two commands have many options in the Properties dialog box, and this video gives you a quick overview of them. Finally, you learn about the special case of filleting polylines.

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