Video Tutorials

No matter if you are a novice or an expert CAD user, it’s always good to stay tuned with the nanoCAD Platform's capabilities and improve your design workflow. Watch the video lessons below to learn how to work efficiently with nanoCAD and its professional modules.

Lesson 27 - Placing Callouts with Note Command

Notes are used to make callouts that point to areas of drawings. A note (or callout) is a piece of text that uses a leader line to point to the item of interest. In this video, you learn how to use the Note command to place callouts, edit them, and create reusable callout styles.

Lesson 26 - Understanding Text Styles and Justification

The look of text is controlled by styles, which operate exactly the same as in word processing software. In this video, you learn how text styles work, and then how to create a new style using the Style command. In addition, you learn how to override the style, as well as how the text's insertion point affects its justification in the drawing.

Lesson 25 - Writing with MText

nanoCAD has a text editor that works just like a word processor, called MText. In this video, you learn how to place paragraphs of text and then how to format them, such as by bold facing and changing colors. As well, you learn about changing the bounding box of mtext, moving it, changing justification, and more.

Lesson 24 - Working With Text

Text gives you information about parts of drawings, such as in dimensions, tables, notes, and tile blocks. In this video, you learn how to work with text, such as changing the style and height, and editing the wording of text. You also learn how to perform spell checks, change the case, width, and angle of text, and toggle it back and forth between regular and contour outlines (quick text).

Lesson 7 - Placing Multiline Text

Sometimes you need to place entire paragraphs of text, and so nanoCAD the MText -- short for multiline text. In this video, you learn how to start the MText command and specify the width of the text block, paste several paragraphs of text, and then edit it and change its formatting.

Lesson 6 - Placing Text

Text is important for providing information in drawings, and nanoCAD provides two ways to place text -- Text and MText. In this video, you learn how to use the Text command to place single lines of text, edit the wording, and change the look of the text.

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