Installation and Registration Guide


When the downloading process has finished, the Setup Wizard dialog box appears. You can also start installation by double clicking on the installation file with .exe file format:


Click Next to continue.

In the next window you should read the End-User License Agreement. To continue, check I accept the terms in the License Agreement box and click Next button:


Enter your name, company and serial number. Serial number can be found in your personal account on website. If you cannot enter serial number now, uncheck I have serial number option and click Next to continue:


Choose the folder where the program will be installed. We recommend to not change the default folder:


At the following step of the installation process you should choose Mechanica and Construction modules if you need to install them. We recommend to install these modules only if you have licenses for them. Other modules – 3D Solid Modeling, Raster, Topoplan – will be installed by default.


Associate .dwg (drawing), .dwt (drawing template), .dxf (drawing exchange format) and .dws (standards) files with nanoCAD:


Click the Install button to start the installation process:


After the installation process, you will be prompted to run Registration Wizard and register nanoCAD.


Choose Launch RegWizard option to start Registration Wizard automatically. You can uncheck this option and start Registration Wizard later from Start nanoCAD Registration Wizard menu. Click Finish.
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