Installation and Registration Guide


Аfter the installation of nanoCAD will be started Registration Wizard. 

  • If you need to get a license file, choose Enter the serial number to get a license file option.
  • If you have received license file and need to activate it, choose Manually activate license file option.
  • If you use network license and License Server is installed and runs, choose Connect to License Server option. Otherwise close Registration Wizard: you should install License Server at first.


Enter the serial number to get a license file

If you have serial number, enter it in the field and click Next. The User Authentication window will be opened.
Otherwise click on link. You will be redirected to website. Follow site instruction for getting serial number, then start Registration Wizard again to activate your license.


In User Authentication window enter your login (it coincides with email you registered at 


Click Next and then Yes to continue the license request:


Then Send Registration Data to Licensing Server window will be opened.

Request license file online


This option can be chosen on computers that have Internet connection. Registration Wizard connects with License Server through the Internet, gets the license, then saves it on computer and activates automatically.


Note. License files are located in the following folder by default: C:\ProgramData\Nanosoft AS\RegWizard\Licenses.

The result of an online license request may be:

  • license file successfully received;
  • license file request failed;
  • failed connection to Licensing Server.

If the product was successfully activated, click Next, then Finish.


Congratulations! License file successfully received. Product is activated.

In case if you don’t have Internet connection or you get failed connection error, request license file in another way as it’s described further.


Request license file by e-mail


It is possible to get license file by e-mail. Choose this option in Send Registration Data to Licensing Server window of the Registration Wizard. Email will be generated automatically; you should send it. Please do not edit the message just send it as it is.


You will get an email with license file. Save this file on your PC, then start Registration Wizard and choose Manually activate license file option.


Click Finish.

Save license request to file


It is possible to save license request in text file. You will be able to transfer this file to another computer and send to Licensing Server or Support Portal through the Internet. Registration Wizard will automatically generate LicenseRequest.eml file – this is text file including an important information for getting the license.
Send this file to your support manager, then you will get the license file and further instructions.

Manually activate license file

If you received the license file, you should activate it. Save this file on computer. Start Registration Wizard, choose Manually activate license file option:


License file location

Click Browse to specify the location of the license file.


Click Next.

 If the chosen license does not match current product, you will receive message:


Click No and select proper license.


Congratulations! License file successfully received. Product is activated.

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