Installation and Registration Guide

Network license activation

Network licensing requires a TCP/IP connection. Install License Server on one of computers in the local network. Install nanoCAD on every computer which will use it, then connect nanoCAD with License Server through the Registration Wizard by the name of Server PC or its IP address

Network license provides installing nanoCAD on any number of PCs, but no more than the number of paid PCs will be able to start nanoCAD at the same time.

Connect to License Server

If Nanosoft License Server is installed in the local network, you should connect nanoCAD to it.
Run Registration Wizard, choose Connect to License Server option and click Next:


Specify License Server

Enter the IP-address of computer where the License Server runs (for example,, or a NetBIOS-name of this computer (for example, CORPSRV). If you use irregular ports, enter the name of port and server name: @ (for example, 270010@CORPSRV).


Click Next.
Congratulations! Product is activated.

License Borrowing

License borrowing allows to use nanoCAD outside the local network during a certain time. This option doesn’t work by default, please connect Support Center for getting specific license file.

How to Borrow License

To borrow license from the License Sever:

  • Call the BORROWLICENSE command in the nanoCAD command line
  • Specify end borrowing date and click OK


At the end of the specified date the borrowed license will be returned to the License Server. To turn the license back to server earlier, connect nanoCAD to License Server and call RETURNLICENSE command.


You can find your license information in About dialog


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