Installation and Registration Guide

Network Licensing

Download License Server from the personal account on website.
Network licensing in nanoCAD contains the set of utilities for installation, maintenance and control of network licenses:

  • License Server Setup Wizard is an utility for installation and maintenance of network licenses. It installs, deletes, services the server part of the network license;
  • Nanosoft License Server is a server part of network licensing; it includes the set of programs, utilities, services which control licenses and provide reports.


Run License Server

Start LicServSetup.exe file:


The first option Request license file is the main one. Choose it when you start License Server at the first time and need to install it, when you need to activate the license, or get new license file for existing server.
If you already have the license file, or you need to stop or delete License Server, choose the second option Manage License Server.

Request Network License

If you didn’t get the license file yet, choose Request license file option. Enter serial number of your network license and click Next. You can find serial number in the personal account on website.


If you don’t have the serial number, use Get serial number option. Click Next: you will be redirected to website. License Server Setup Wizard will be closed. Please run License Server Setup again when the serial number is received.


User Authentication

Enter your data: User Name, Company Name, Login (is the same with your email). Note: password is not required.


Confirm Registration Data

Check your data. If it is correct, click Next. Otherwise click Back to edit it.


Send Registration Data to Licensing Server

Choose one of the methods to get the license file.
If computer has Internet connection, choose Request license file online option and click Next.


Request license file by email

It is possible to get license file by e-mail. Choose this option in Send Registration Data to Licensing Server window of the License Server Setup.


Email will be generated automatically. Please do not edit the message.


It is possible to save a license request to text file. You will be able to transfer this file to another computer with Internet connection and send to Licensing Server or Support Portal. Program will automatically generate LicenseRequest.eml file – it is a text file with important information for getting the license.
Send this file to your support manager, then you will get the license file and further instructions.

Respond from Licensing Service

If you request the license file online, License Server will receive it, save and activate automatically.


Configure License Server

After you have received the license file, you should configure License Server. Run License Server Setup Wizard, choose Manage License Server option:


Manage License Server window includes several options:


  • Install or upgrade License Server. Use this option if the License Server is not installed yet.Specify the location of the license file, then click Next. Network license files are located in c:\ProgramData\Nanosoft\LicServSetup\Licenses\ folder by default:


Then specify License Service and Vendor Daemon TCP ports. Use default ports or set specific ones. Click Next:


  • Add License File to License Server. Use this option when License Server is installed and works and you need to update or upgrade the current license. Specify the license file location and click Next. Network license files are located in c:\ProgramData\Nanosoft\LicServSetup\Licenses\ folder by default.


The License file will be added to License Server. The Server will be restarted automatically.

Remote connection to License Server

There is a possibility to connect to remote License Server through the Internet. To do this, you need to forward the port of the License Server (standard port 27000), so that it is available for connection from the global network and has a public (permanent) IP address on the computer where the License Server is installed. In this case, you can connect to the License Server from any computer that has Internet access. To connect to the License Server configured for Internet connections, you will need to specify not only the external IP address in the Registration Wizard but also the port, using the @ symbol, for example, 27000@external_ip.
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